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Quality management

Quality management system - Audits and certification according to ISO 9001 from certification according to ISO 9001

The norm ISO 9001 aims at unfolding your company’s business potentials, developing them steadily further, determining, and respectively increasing your customers’ satisfaction, in order to achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently. A certification according to ISO 9001 gives you the opportunity to ensure a consistent high level of quality and continual improvement by means of regular annual audits.

ISO 9001 is a worldwide recognized, sector independent norm, which is compatible with companies and organizations of any size and in all industries. ISO 9001 can be flexibly combined with other industry-specific standards or further certifications. Integrated Management Systems (IMS) will increase in importance in future. IMS function through joint resources exploitation more efficient than several individual management systems. Management system requirements, unified in an integrated system approach, result in temporal, personnel as well as financial effort reduction. ÖHMI EuroCert conducts for you IMS-certifications that may combine following management systems:

Trust is basic business foundation; build trust in your business relations!

With ÖHMI EuroCert® as an independent certification body together with a certification according to ISO 9001 you prepare the ground for a successful future.

ÖHMI EuroCert® is accredited for the following technical sectors (QMS):

  • 01 Agriculture und forestry, fishing and aquaculture
  • 03 Food products, beverages and processing of tobacco products
  • 06 Wood and wood products
  • 07 Paper and paper products
  • 09 Printing and reproduction of recorded media
  • 12 Chemical industry
  • 13 Manufacture of pharmaceutical preparations
  • 14 Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • 15 Glass and glass products, ceramics, processing of quarry and pit
  • 16 Manufacture of cement, lime, plaster and concrete products
  • 17.2 Processing of metals, manufacture of fabricated metal products
  • 18 Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • 19 Manufacture of office machines, data processing equipment and facilities, electrical engineering, fine mechanics and optics, manufacturer of orthopedic items, active medical devices, active implantable medical devices and sterilization of medical devices
  • 23 Manufacture of furniture, jewelry, music instruments, sport devices, toys and other manufacturing
  • 24 Recovery, recycling
  • 25 Electricity supply
  • 26 Gas supply
  • 27 Water supply, steam and air conditioning supply
  • 28 Construction
  • 29.1 Wholesale and retail trade
  • 29.2 Repair of motor vehicles, motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods
  • 30 Hotels and restaurants
  • 31.1 Transport
  • 33 Data processing, information technology
  • 34.1 Scientific research and development
  • 34.2 Architectural and engineering activities
  • 35 Providing services to companies
  • 36 Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
  • 37 Education
  • 38.1 Health and
  • 38.2 Veterinary activities
  • 38.3 Care activities

This accreditation applies only for legally non-regulated areas.

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