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Environmental management

Equilibrium between economy and ecology by means of systematic environmental management: certification according to ISO 14001

In the last couple of years, environmental protection has become an increasingly important competitive factor. In terms of marketing measures, it is nearly as highly rated as quality, price and product availability. Furthermore, recent laws that are more stringent require ecological reassessment of companies’ structures and processes.

ISO 14001 represents a standard for establishment and implementation of environmental management systems (EMS) which is worldwide accepted. This norm facilitates the realization of clear structures within defined processes, which for their part help your company achieve systematically its environmental goals.

An EMS (environmental management system) certified according to ISO 14001 comprises of such key issues as responsible resource-handling, corporate environmental protection and safety in the stipulation of and the compliance with legal constraints.

You can enjoy following benefits from the implementation and the maintenance of a certified EMS (environmental management system):

  • Constant EMS-improvement
  • Competitive advantages by carefully selecting suppliers, taking into account all relevant environmental aspects or open tendering procedures
  • Gain customers' and investors' trust
  • Enhanced public image by means of documented ecological conduct
  • Improved legal certainty and predictability of liability risks
  • Costs reduction through efficient handling with raw materials and energy

ÖHMI EuroCert® is accredited for certification activities according to DIN EN ISO 14001 (EMS) in the following technical sectors:

  • 14 Manufacture of rubber and plastic products
  • 17.2 Processing of metals, manufacture of fabricated metal products
  • 18 Manufacture of machinery and equipment
  • 19 Manufacture of office machines, data processing equipment and facilities, electrical engineering, fine mechanics and optics, manufacturer of orthopedic items, active medical devices, active implantable medical devices and sterilization of medical devices
  • 24 Recovery, recycling
  • 28 Construction
  • 29.1 Trade
  • 30 Hotels and restaurants
  • 31.1 Transport
  • 34 Scientific research and development, architectural and engineering activities
  • 35 Providing services to companies

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