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Energy management

Energy management systems certification according to ISO 50001, testing according to SpaEfV (German Energy-Saving Efficiency System Ordinance) as well as verfication management for EDL-G (German Law for energy services and other energy efficiency improvement measures)

DIN EN ISO 50001 and DIN EN 16247-1: Efficiency benefits and saving potentials

Energy management is becoming increasingly important due to rising energy costs as well as because of the energy turnaround ("Energiewende") promoted by EU German government. Currently on the part of the legislature, there are also guidelines, which can require a functioning energy management system. These include:

  • German Energy-Saving Efficiency System Ordinance (SpaEfV)
  • German Law for energy services and other energy efficiency improvement measures. According to Energy Efficiency Directive D 2012/27/EU all companies, which by EU-definition can NOT be classified as small and medium-sized enterprises, are obliged to let binding energy audits be conducted.
  • German Renewable Energy Act Apportionment (EEG-Umlage)

By acknowledging efficiency benefits and saving potentials within energy consumption your company complies not only with legal requirements but it also establishes immediate competitive advantages. Energy management systems (EnMS) in accordance with ISO 50001 palpably support establishment of efficient structures, discovering eligible potentials and implementation of necessary actions.

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Through the accreditation for ISO 50001 ÖHMI EuroCert® is able to certify/test your management system. Our energy department covers:

    • Certification according to ISO 50001: ÖHMI EuroCert accreditation applies for all scopes/sectors:
      • Sektor A: Industry light and middle light industry
      • Sektor B: Heavy industry
      • Sektor C: Bulding
      • Sektor D: Building complexes
      • Sektor E: Transport
      • Sektor F: Mining
      • Sektor G: Agriculture
      • Sektor H: Energy supply
      • Testing of energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1
      • Testing of alternative systems according to SpaEfV

In order to determine effort and expenditure for your certification or respectively testing we do need some information about your company. Please do use and fill in our form below and send it back to us. Upon data entry, you will immediately receive an individual offer. If you already have other management systems such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, there is the possibility of integrated ISO 50001. In this connection, we will make you a combined offer. Use our broad certification portfolio to bundle your certifications.

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