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ÖHMI EuroCert® GmbH - Integrated management systems

High Level Structure

HLS (High Level Structure): This basic structure comprises a uniform base text, as well as common terminology and definitions. Since 2012 HLS has been the basis for all ISO management system standards (such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001). Its primary goal is to improve the compatibility of the systems with each other and to create opportunities for synergy effects of different IMS combinations. The HLS and the common text are freely available at

Integrated management systems

Integrated management systems (IMS) are becoming increasingly important. By sharing resources, IMS’s are more efficient than multiple individual management systems. The standardization of all management system requirements in an integrated system approach leads to the minimization of time, personnel and financial expenses. To be able to meet your demands in this regard, ÖHMI EuroCert® also carries out IMS certifications. The following management systems can be combined: