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Accreditation and Authorization Act for Occupational Promotion (AZAV) / SGB III

Authorization by an accredited expert agency such as ÖHMI EuroCert® GmbH.

AZAV fundamentals:

AZAV was implemented in April 2012 based the law for occupational integration chances' enhancement in the labor market (SGB III). It represents a significant extension and modification to the Recognition and Accreditation Act Further Training (AZWV)“.

AZAV goals:

Among the main AZAV goals are:

  • quality improvement of labor market services
  • enhancement of chances for occupational integration of persons who are unemployed or facing unemployment in the labor market
  • transparency and comparability
  • sustainable improvement of the market policy promotion system's efficiency and performance

AZAV-Audits: certification of employment promotion institutions as well as approval of measures for activation and professional integration as well as professional further training.

Up until 2012 according to AZWV solely educational institutions for further training and education were prompted to obtain an expert agency's authorization. Since 2012 this prerequisite applies also to institutions for employment promotion measures within the six newly defined areas:

  • activation and professional integration
  • pure mediation activity
  • professional orientation and professional training
  • professional further training
  • transfer activities
  • measures for disabled persons

An institution which is willing to carry out such occupational promotion measures via publicly tendered projects of the Federal Labor Office (FLO) and its regional "shopping centers" respectively, must have a valid certificate issued by an authorized expert agency (such as ÖHMI EuroCert® GmbH). The same applies to institutions would like to offer agencies and job-centers authorized measures within the areas activation and professional integration as well as further training. Measures authorization within these two areas can take place only based on a valid institution authorization according to AZAV.

The authorization of occupational promotion institutions and measures by an expert agency requires a proof of a quality assurance system that the institutions are to develop, to implement, to monitor and continually to improve. Here ÖHMI EuroCert® GmbH recommends the central and reliable QMS norm ISO 9001. AZAV and ISO 9001 offer you optimal flexibility, mutual complementarity and smooth compatibility.

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