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ÖHMI EuroCert® GmbH - Management systems

Management systems can be described as a tool of corporate governance. They contain elements (such as duties and tasks), coordinated and connected in such a way to assure the optimal achievement of company goals. By structuring and controlling the operational processes, as well as by optimizing all existing processes in an organization, the management systems ensure a systematic and targeted approach for the implementation of the corporate policy.

Benefits of a management system/management system:

  • Anchoring of a continuous improvement process in the organization
  • Achieving transparency and stability for all processes
  • Creating clear structures and clear responsibilities
  • Monitoring and reviewing customer perceptions and determining customer needs and expectations, thereby increasing customer satisfaction
  • Increasing employee satisfaction
  • Error prevention, which leads to significant cost reductions
  • Risk minimization and thus ensuring also noticeably more legal certainty

What are the benefits of earning an external and independent management system certification by ÖHMI EuroCert®?

  • Analysis of operational processes
  • Transparency and better control of management systems
  • Development of the company, its policies and goals
  • Increase in product quality (including services) and avoidance of mistakes, assessment of risks and opportunities
  • Holistic and neutral external view of the employees, the individual processes, systems as well as the associated results
  • Clarity regarding the effectiveness of leadership and ongoing improvement processes
  • Image enhancement and increased competitiveness
  • Obtaining internationally recognized certificates that provide a clear confirmation of your successful management system certification. Thus, you can prove to your existing, but also potential customers that you are recognize the importance of quality management and confirm its effectiveness each year by a reliable certification partner like ÖHMI EuroCert®