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Nursing Care Institutions

Quality management in nursing care insitutions

Quality management systems such as ISO 9001 are used and implemented in the German health care system since 1980. Meanwhile their importance and assiduity have increased significantly.

Benefits Act from July 2008 broadened responsibilities and requirements related to in- and out-patient nursing care institutions, regarding quality management, nursing care documentation as well as regular quality assurance. These responsibilities are determined in SGB XI (German social law book XI) social care insurance. Nursing care institutions' responsibility to carry out regular quality controls or let them be carried out by external independent providers are also embedded in it. Hence, quality development must be ensured and documented with the help of internal and external assessments. The certification of a nursing care institution by an independent certification body provides a significant evidence of quality management system's implementation and its maintenance.

If you are interested in being certified according to ISO 9001 do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Here you can find further information on the topic of nursing care and lack of specialists in nursing care sector.

DIN EN 15224: European area specific norm for quality management within health care system

Application scope of DIN EN 15224: all health care institutions such as hospitals, nursing care institutions and rehabilitation units as well as medical practices. Present certification systems' diversity in health sector creates a particular complexity. DakkS (National accreditation body for the Federal Republic of Germany) sees in DIN EN 15224 potentials for a leading norm as well a possible medium-term solution, which will assure more transparency in terms of health sector's certification systems.

Norm foundation:

Application of terminology from health care sector

DIN EN 15224-requirements emphasis:

process and risk management Initial DIN EN 15224 accreditations will take place this year.



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